About the RDF

John Spedan Lewis

John Spedan Lewis

Environmental responsibility is within the John Lewis Partnership’s DNA.

Rule 109 of our constitution states:


The Partnership must take all reasonable steps to minimise any detrimental impacts its operations may have on the environment and to promote good environmental practice 

The Responsible Development Framework

The Responsible Development Framework (RDF) is the Partnership’s vehicle for delivering environmental responsibility at a project level. The RDF draws on a range of environmental assessment methods to define ambition; it then tailors these to deliver the best environmental and social value for our business, our customers and the communities in which we work.

It covers ten ‘Points of Focus’, described as follows:

  1.  Operational emissions
  2.  Zero waste
  3.  Design and build considerately
  4.  Water
  5.  Materials
  6.  Collaborate to find new ways and better solutions
  7.  Create great places for our customers
  8.  Deliver great works places for our Partners
  9.  Community
  10.  Think and Act responsibly

rdfEach point of focus has a number of sub targets, which are expected to be addressed on our projects. The significance of each sub target and risk of not achieving it has been appraised based on a number of external (e.g. legislation and reputation) and internal (e.g. corporate commitments and cost/benefit) drivers.

Whilst we expect every project manager and contractor to do their best, there is a degree of flexibility that recognises  some project specific constraints will limit the ability to achieve certain objectives. Where targets cannot be achieved a clear justification as to why must be provided and alternative means of reducing impact must be identified.