Great Place to Work

Waitrose Chipping Sodbury


In one of the most philanthropic gestures in history, John Spedan Lewis handed over the business that his father had started to all the employees of John Lewis in 1929. In doing so, he implemented ‘Principle 1’ which explains his ultimate purpose for the Partnership, which was to balance the happiness of Partners (i.e. employees with co-ownership) with a successful, productive business.

An important aspect of achieving happiness and productivity is ensuring the Health and Wellbeing of Partners by providing suitable working environments. One way that the business has achieved this has been through the design / refurbishment of Partner Dining Rooms (PDRs) with new initiatives that include:




  • Increasing the variety and comfort of seating options
  • Creating a link to the outside space, either through provision of a balcony or with window seating (maximising natural light)
  • Provision of graphic displays that inform the Partners about company initiatives/democracy
  • Improving wi-fi and connectivity
  • Encouraging out of hours use as a venue – benefiting the wider community
  • Increasing focus on communal areas