MMP_9637Waitrose Bagshot

A range of good practice environmental and engineering measures can be found at the Waitrose Bagshot branch. Two features which are of particular merit due to the innovation and/or environmental credentials offered include the presence of a Sedum roof; and, the inclusion of a heat recovery system, further information about each is set out below:

Sedum roofDSC_8854

The developer of the scheme implemented a 4,500m2 sedum blanket roof at the site. The blanket features 11 species of sedums with mosses and grasses to ensure plant diversity. The plants are frost, wind and drought tolerant requiring minimal maintenance.

MMP_9838Heat recovery system

The branch incorporates a heat recovery system as part of its refrigeration strategy. This system captures the waste heat generated during the refrigeration process and uses it to provide comfort heating to the branch and to pre-heat the hot water cylinder (which feeds the bathrooms, coffee shop, etc.).